Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who's Agenda is it anyway?

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done; On Earth as it is in Heaven... - Matt.6:10
In preparing for a meeting at church this evening I was getting some information together and writing down questions do that I had my agenda together and could speak intelligently.
I started praying in the car and began to speak in my Heavenly language. My heart desires to do so many things and the Holy Spirit began ministering to me about what was on my heart and I was so humbled. And I began to change my prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to let me go in with His agenda. Speak through me and use me as a vessel to use my gift to further the kingdom.
I'm sure we've all heard the saying "if you want to hear God laugh...tell him your plans." Its always made me chuckle and now I have so much more revelation in that. God gives us gifts, we all have a purpose and it's a choice that we make to use our gift to further the kingdom or solely for selfish gain.  Don't get me wrong taking care of yourself is not's wisdom; but there must be a balance. 
So make sure you check your spirit before you enter into tasks and ask the Holy Spirit to move through you on His agenda, not your own.

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